Hawkbill Turtles Hatching Season

The Hawksbill turtle hatching season has arrived and we would like to welcome you to witness this miracle of life in its purest form!

The mating process for Hawksbill turtles takes place every two years and the nesting process begins in late March or early April, with the females leaving the sea and looking for a suitable nesting ground. The eggs hatch two months after they are laid and the young turtles instinctively crawl towards the sea.

A nesting situation has been recorded in Fuwairit Beach, required measurements have been taken and the eggs have been transported to the specified location far away from the tidal area. 

We will be organising visits to the nesting ground for the entire month of July & August:

  • 2nd July - 31st August 
  • Thursday to Tuesday
  • 6 PM - 8 PM 

*Priority of booking will be given to our Culture Pass Plus and Family members.
*The visits  will have a maximum capacity of 8 attendees.
*Members must present a “green” health status on the Ehteraz virus-tracing app. 
*All attendees are required to wear face masks and only children aged 5 and above will be allowed.
*Members will be required to use their own cars for transportation in compliance with health and safety recommendations issued by the Ministry of Public Health.
*Members can bring their own torches for easy viewing at night.

Reserve your place to watch these little ones make their way into the world!

Book now!

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