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Fragments: An Exhibition by Mahmoud Obaidi

From 17 October 2016 to 30 January 2017

In this exhibition, Mahmoud Obaidi retraces the 'organised chaos' that led to the destruction of Iraq, and presents a response to witnessing the city of Baghdad fall piece by piece. In his work, Obaidi recreates what has been stolen or destroyed to try to piece the city back together again. The exhibition shows how Obaidi is grappling with the destruction of an 7,000-year-old civilisation, which has been laid waste in less than a fraction of that time.


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Mahmoud Obaidi, Mosquito Effect, 2016. Bronze and Corten steel, 250 x 220 x 885 cm. Photo credit: Mohammed Al-Emadi.

Mahmoud Obaidi, Untitled, Bronze, 250 x 90 x 385 cm. Photo Credit: Mohammed Al-Emadi.



Mahmoud Obaidi, Ford 71, 2016. Bronze and Corten steel, 225 x 190 x 405 cm. Photo credit: Mohammed Al-Emadi.



Mahmoud Obaidi

(b. 1966, Baghdad) is an Iraqi-Canadian artist whose work is characterised by dark humour and a strong political focus. After leaving Iraq in 1991, he obtained his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Guelph in Canada, and completed diplomas in new media and film from Toronto and Los Angeles respectively. His work has since been exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world.

Qatar Museum Gallery Katara, building 10

The QM Gallery is an intimate venue for public art projects in Katara Cultural Village. With theatres, concert halls and restaurants, Katara bustles with activity and invites people from different backgrounds to interact.

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