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Everything You Need to Know about the POW! WOW! Festival

POW! WOW! is one of the most exciting street art festivals in the world. Free and open to the public, this weeklong event featuring 12 international and Qatari artists will be located right outside the Al Saad metro station from 25 November through 1 December 2021.

What is Pow! Wow!?

Founded by Jasper Wong in Hong Kong in 2009, POW! WOW! is an international mural festival that occurs every two years. The festival was first held in Honolulu, Hawaii, before traveling to 17 cities worldwide.

Where will it take place?

POW! WOW! will take place outside the Al Sadd Metro Station from Thursday, 25 November to Wednesday, 1 December 2021. From 10am to 5pm every day, visitors will be able to see artists working on their murals in real time.

How many people are involved?

The POW! WOW! festival in Doha will feature works by 12 artists from all over the world. Each artist has been invited to create a mural on any topic and in any style.

What can visitors expect?

In addition to witnessing the creation of vibrant street art in real time, visitors to POW! WOW! will enjoy artist talks and workshops. Culture Pass members can expect additional live tours of the vibrant space.

We are excited to invite local, regional and international artists to Al Sadd to highlight, activate and spark important conversations for the community and wider visitors. This is a key opportunity to reflect on how important it is to take art 'beyond the four walls'.

Sarah Foryame, Curator of POW! WOW! Doha & Public Art Curatorial Assistant

Why is street art important?

Qatar Museums and the people of Doha have a keen interest in public art, as seen by various life-size and larger-than-life works scattered around the country. Doha has also experienced a growth in mural art through projects like JEDARIART. Whether they’re used to beautify or identify a place or to spark conversation, murals and street art play an essential role in activating urban spaces and in contributing to the country's collective creativity.

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