Executive Teachers' Council

Executive Teachers Council is a regular gathering, knowledge exchange and networking event for senior teachers, organised by the Department of Learning and Outreach at Qatar Museums.

The Executive Teachers' Council invites a small group of senior teachers to meet, network and familiarise themselves with all the learning programmes Qatar Museums contributes to within the country's educational landscape. It provides a unique opportunity for teachers to meet like-minded senior professionals, share insights, make friends and expand their own knowledge.

The Council also acts as a platform to voice opinions and discuss exhibitions, as well as an opportunity to talk about school programmes, training and professional development courses. Members are also encouraged to review and provide feedback on the learning resources available for the upcoming academic year.

Culture Pass Teacher members will be given priority to attend these events or become an active voice to all teachers in Qatar through the Executive Teachers’ Council. Membership enables all teachers to become actively engaged in a professional learning community.

Look out for more information about teachers' events in your Culture Pass members' email newsletter.

You must be a Culture Pass Teachers' tier member to attend these events.

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