Collections documentation and management

Assistant Digital Marketing Coordinator

Department/Museum: Fire Station – Artist in Residence

Section/Unit: Communications & Outreach

Location: Fire Station - Artist in Residence

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • Assisting Digital Marketing coordinator in tasks including: Content creation, activities coverage and preparation & documentation.

Period of Internship/Hours: 7 Hrs. i.e. 7.30am – 2.30pm Between Sept. & Dec.

Qualifications/ Requirements: Knowledge in use of social media and digital marketing tools

Collection Coordinator / Register

Department/Museum: Stores Department

Section/Unit: Collection Management Department

Location: Al – Wajba Store

Brief description of the work to be conducted


Intern will be a dedicated collections team member who will process, catalog, and partially digitize assigned one of the types of collection (jeweler, photography, media, weaponry, natural history, library or antiquity) within the General Collection. Specific duties may include physically processing artifacts; organizing assigned materials; physically numbering artifacts; completing catalog records in the EMu database; rehousing materials and stabilizing them for long term storage; photographing artifacts; updating and inventorying storage locations. The intern will report to the Collections Specialist, but their work may overlap with other collections staff.


The collections to be processed as part of this project will be from General collection. Work will be focused on preparing collection for move and long-term storage as when needed cataloging and processing. The intern will mostly process items from, but not limited to, media collection. The final component of the project will involve photographing a selection of the materials from the collection according to our established photographing guidelines. Working with our photographer, the intern will assist with photographing the selected objects, provide information for metadata creation and the images will then be added to the EMu database.


  • Surveys the state of the assigned collections and works with the Collections Specialist to create an effective plan for processing and registering objects.
  • Completely catalogs the materials in the collections and updates records in the database, EMu.
  • Rehouses and labels materials according to accepted museum standards and best practices.
  • Selects items for photographing and assists with creating metadata records for objects.
  • Documents the project and assists the Collections Specialist in writing relocation of collection plan.
  • Assist with other collections tasks as needed.

Period of Internship/Hours: 1 – 6 Months / Flexible

Qualifications/ Requirements:

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