A close-up of a yellow and black tie-dyed shirt with a spiral design
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Tie-Dye with Najeeba Sadat

Two-Day Workshop

Tie-dye is trending again, so join this workshop to make your very own unique tie-dye item to wear.

It's time to add a variety of colourful designs and vibrant styles to your wardrobe with tie-dye!

Tying the cloth with thread and then dyeing it is considered one of the oldest forms of making patterns on a plain piece of cloth. In this workshop, we will learn about tie-dye and how to create patterns on clothes and fabrics.

Najeeba Sadat is a Pakistani hand-craft artist with a BFA in textile design from Karachi School of Art. She has conducted arts and crafts workshops throughout Doha, such as Katara and Qatar Foundation.

Please note that Fire Station requires all workshop participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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