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Public Art Open Call: Student Competition 2021

Past Exhibition

This year's Public Art Student Open Call invites students to propose a public artwork to be created with recycled materials to further advocate Qatar Museums' ‘no waste' policy for a temporary installation to be displayed in public spaces in Doha.

Students must be enrolled or have graduated within two years as an alumnus of any local school, university or college. Up to five winning proposals will be chosen, and the selected students will be granted up to 25,000 QAR to realise their concept by December 2021.

Theme: Reduce / Re-use / Recycle

This year’s Open Call encourages students to consider the materials they use and the impact of those materials. While the type of material to be used must be found materials and everyday objects to create the sculptures, the theme of the sculpture itself is open. The students must consider what message they would like to convey through their work.

Some renowned artists that work with recycled materials: Subodh Gupta, Guerra de la Paz, Yuken Teruya and Dotun Popoola.

Your Proposal

Students are to consider choice of materials, durability, foundation work, fabricators, and installation methods when finalising a public art proposal. Students are also advised to consider the nature of public artworks as works that are accessible and susceptible to touch.


  • Biography about yourself
  • Concept of the work
  • Sketch or render of the proposal
  • Materials you want to use
  • Estimated cost of work
  • Method of fabrication / fabrication company

Selection Criteria

  • Students must be enrolled or have graduated within two years as an alumnus of any local school, university or college
  • Students under 18 years can apply but must have a teacher or guardian responsible for them
  • Student must propose an idea using recycled materials only
  • A proposal document including all criteria indicated in the application form
  • The proposal idea must be within 25,000 QAR
  • The students must execute their proposal by December 2021 and keep into consideration installation and deinstallation logistics


August: Open Call Announcement
August / September: Proposal Selection
September – December: Project development, workshops, and more
December / January: Exhibition


Public Art Curatorial Planning proposes to arrange a series of workshops with established local artists who are known to work with recycled materials for the students to gain a better understanding of how to re-use various materials and the versatility of recycled artworks. These workshops will be offered to the selected students for them to further develop and enhance their designs.


Location to be confirmed
Date: December 2021
Duration: 1 – 2 months

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