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Performance - Jalsa Listening

Past Event

Join us for the Fire Station's first performance art event, held in conjunction with the exhibition Virgil Abloh “Figures of Speech”.

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The outdoor show will feature musical and sound performances by Sonic Jeel, Hemanth Madupu and Sammany.

About the Artists

Sonic Jeel

Sonic Jeel is a collaborative initiative investigating sound, noise, electronic music and audiovisual media within the context of Qatar and the Gulf region. The project was initiated by Michael Hersrud and Simone Muscolino. Michael is an Associate Professor in Graphic Design at VCUarts Qatar. He is a multidisciplinary designer exploring print media, digital drawing and audiovisual culture. Simone Muscolino is Associate Professor and Director of the Art Foundation program at VCUarts Qatar. He is a multidisciplinary designer exploring audiovisual culture and time-based media.

Hemanth Madupu

Hemanth is an interdisciplinary artist, graphic designer, photographer, musician and filmmaker. He creates visuals and music that provides a powerful perception of thought. His multicultural and curious mindset is always looking out for new mediums used in the process of art.


Sammany Hajo is a Sudanese musician and beatmaker residing in Qatar. His discography is a fusion of several genres like reggae, jazz, hip-hop and both traditional and modern Sudanese music. In addition to producing beats, Sammany is also an instrumentalist playing the guitar and piano as his main instruments.