Astrolabe: The Renaissance Computer

Webinar (online)

Join us for a fascinating webinar on the astrolabe – the mythical device, mastered in the Islamic Golden Age, that leaves its trace in today's modern devices.

We are delighted to welcome Mr Hani Dalee for a webinar about astrolabes, the complex scientific instrument perfected in the Islamic Golden Age.

The astrolabe was a personal astronomical instrument invented in Ancient Greece and developed by the Arabs. Ingenious in its design, and decorated with the Arabic names of stars, it was the must-have object for those wealthy enough, and educated enough, to own one. It was a personal computer, clock, a compass – with dozens of uses. Today, we may well refer to simply as Apps.

In this webinar, you will learn about this tool, its components, applications and, most importantly, how it works. You will then learn about some of the most famous scholars who excelled in astrolabe craftsmanship, such as Maryam Al-Asturlabi, Al-Sufi, Al-Zarqalah, and others.

The webinar is part of the celebration of Doha Capital of Culture of the Islamic World 2021.

Mr Dalee is an astronomy research assistant at the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute, and an associate member of the International Astronomical Union.

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