Annual Intervention

Open call

The Annual Intervention open call encourages artists to propose a public artwork that is site- specific and/or community-specific. This type of approach to public artwork is called placemaking. It is a multi-faceted approach to designing public artwork.

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The goal of placemaking is to create environments that enhance the quality of life for people within a community and foster a sense of belonging and identity. It involves transforming ordinary and underdeveloped public spaces into vibrant, welcoming places that encourage social interaction, cultural expression, and community engagement. The annual intervention’s goal is it directly serves the community.

More information about placemaking:


Selection Criteria:

  • Artists must be mid-career artists who possess strong skills to execute the proposed project;
  • This opportunity is for artists residing in the GCC (applicants must hold a valid residence permit);
  • The submitted proposal must be fabricated locally/regionally;
  • The submitted proposal must engage with the community and/or site specific;
  • The submitted proposal will only be considered if the application is complete and all requested information is given.

Past Commissions include:
Shelters by Marco Bruno and Michael Perrone and Dar Al Tayor by Bachir Mohamad.

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