Al Najadah Open Call

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Join a new community of emerging and established creatives and enterprises.

Once a humble neighborhood, Al Najadah is transforming into a production-oriented and inclusive creative cluster that hosts a multidisciplinary community of emerging and established creatives focused on Qatar’s burgeoning new crafts: Contemporary Heritage, Culinary Arts and Digital Experiences.

The Al Najadah community will comprise creatives and entrepreneurs who aspire to learn from one another and form partnerships, while showcasing their work for the world to see. We are ready to nurture a creative ecosystem via the right support structure to enable Al Najadah to become a beacon for artists, artisans, designers, makers and chefs.

We are looking for emerging or established individuals or enterprises who aspire to belong to a community for learning and collaboration.

If you are interested in being a part of this creative community, submit your application and register for Al Najadah’s Open House Event on 10 August for a project review, Q&A session and site visit.

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