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10 May 2020

Ramadan Mubarak!

Our physical doors may be closed to the public, but you can still check out our collections online through Google Arts & Culture for NMoQ, MIA and Mathaf. Check out our previous blog post for more information about the world of virtual museums.

Here is your go-to guide for everything happening on our digital platforms right now.


Qatar Museums

-       Join us every Monday to sketch our buildings from memory and be featured on our Instagram page. Post your pictures under #SketchatQM and we will share your work!

-       Check out our website to find activities for students and families, where you can have fun learning about art and culture and become a curator of art with our activity sheets.

-       Make your Ramadan more special and check out our gift shop, currently offering beautifully designed misbahas (prayer beads) from our Ramadan Selection as well as an array of fascinating cultural items, educational and entertaining toys, books and art supplies.


National Museum of Qatar

In celebration of the museum’s one year anniversary, we are hosting an open call to both local and international artists, designers and creatives to submit a design for our museum mascot, the dugong. The winning mascot design will be part of the museum’s identity and will be featured in educational programs, publications, our website and social media content, as well as in promotional activities outside the museum space. The deadline for submissions is 1 July 2020.



Are you an aspiring designer or entrepreneur? Then this creative startup hub is perfect for you. M7 is a space dedicated to empowering the creative industry to explore, collaborate and grow into successful entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out on M7’s Instagram page for a biweekly series of live online coaching sessions from leaders in the field. Live at 9pm during the Ramadan season. The upcoming sessions:

-       Khalifa Al Haroon, Founder of ILoveQatar will discuss ways for designers to stay connected with their customers using digital platforms. Scheduled for May 14 at 9:00pm.

-       Bianca Brigitte Bonomi, Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, will speak about the impact of media placements and promotion of design. Scheduled for May 21 at 9:00pm.


Fire Station

 -       Keep an eye on Fire Station’s Instagram page for virtual tours of the Picasso’s Studios exhibition installed at the Garage Gallery.

 -       Explore learning resources for children to empower their creative skills through mini tutorial videos. Follow the tutorial videos on Picasso and printmaking, Picasso and the art of collage, and Picasso and texture.

 -       See how the current artists in residence are working from home. Watch Hadeer Omar create projection maps from her bedroom window onto the building next door. Explore Ameera Al Aji’s paintings about house number 10. Watch Suzana Joumaa paint surreal paintings, learn about the process of making mineral pigments with Amena Al - Yousef, see how Haytham Sharrouf tackles ideas of self isolation with fictional architectural forms and watch Hind Al Saad’s cloud training experiment.



-       Take a virtual tour of MIA’s galleries through Google Arts & Culture and explore previous exhibitions through its website.

-       Create your own lantern at home and share your lanterns on Instagram with the hashtag #MIALenoubda. Find out how you can make paper lanterns too!

-       Follow MIA’s art activities! Learn about line and form and how you can create paintings with the help of color swatches, inspired by the object “Blue Monkey”. Children can learn how to draw a geometric 10-pointed star.

-       Dive into the world of imagination with your children through MIA’s story time, hosted by MIA library every Monday. Catch up on the stories shared so far.

-       Explore MIA’s learning portal, which holds an array of online activities and resources perfect for the whole family to keep themselves busy and creative during this quarantine.



-       Join in on Mathaf’s weekly Thursday quizzes hosted on their Instagram story.

-       Explore Mathaf Encyclopedia, where you can experience contemporary art from the Arab world.​​​​​The Mathaf Encyclopedia of Modern Art and the Arab World is a bilingual, peer-reviewed online resource providing free in-depth information on modern and contemporary artists from the Arab world.


Children’s Museum

-       Join the activities hosted this week on the Children’s Museum’s Instagram page which will be celebrating and embracing the spirit of Ramadan. Through these activities, learn about the blessed month together as a family.

-       Keep an eye out on the Instagram page for something new every day of the week. Storytelling Sunday builds literacy skills and imagination. Mindful Monday nurtures empathy, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Healthy Tuesday teaches cooking skills and food and nutrition awareness. Science Wednesday promotes scientific literacy and inquiry based learning. And Messy Thursday is all about creativity and process art.


3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum

The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum offers a perfect way to stay healthy and fit during this time. Its activation campaign involves four aspects: inspiration, skills and challenges, ways to be active at home (through daily workout routines from home by Qatari athletes) and health and fitness.

-       See how you can remain healthy during the holy month of Ramadan with gold medalist Rima Fareed as she shares her home workout routine.

-       Keep an eye out on the Instagram page to meet the Active Heroes. These are five Qatar residents who exemplify all that is positive and inspiring about having sport and physical activity as part of your daily life.⠀

-       Check out how you can boost your immunity with this healthy recipe from Evergreen Qatar.

-       Join weekly learning inspiration sessions.

-       See how you can get rid of stress and depression from your body through videos created through collaboration with brain education.

-       Check out this fun family fitness workout.

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