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Day 2 and it's a wrap for Art for Tomorrow


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The second and final day of the International New York Times Art for Tomorrow conference 2015 was a memorable success! 

A grand total of 18 panellists, 45 key speakers and 520 guests attended the conference that took place at the W Hotel Doha from 14th to 16th March, discussing art and culture, museums, and cities of the future. 


Mansoor Al Ebrahim QM CEO, HE Sheikha Al Mayassa QM Chairperson, Jeff Koons and Rem Koolhaas, at the conference
In Qatar we have a history of hosting exhibitions and opening our culture to others.
Yousef Ahmad
Qatari artist Yousef Ahmad

Ali Güreli, the founder and chairman of the mammoth Contemporary Istanbul, talked about the importance of art in the city of Istanbul and announced that in 2016, three new museums will open in the city.


"The first biennale took place in Istanbul in 1989 and 200 galleries in Istanbul have opened since then"
Ali Gureli, Founder of Contemporary Istanbul
Egyptian artist Wael Shawky

An impressive panel line up of  Victoria Siddall, Ali Gureli, Savita Apte and Hans Ulrich Obrist discussed art fairs and their importance as a cultural experience beyond sales of art works. Did you know Frieze began as a magazine in 1991 and contained the first ever interview with Damien Hirst?! 


"85% of visitors at the Frieze Art Fair are not there to buy art. They are there for a cultural experience"
Victoria Siddall, Director of Frieze Arts Fair
Art shows the ways to exercise spaces of inclusion that are difficult to exercise in society.
Olafur Eliasson, artist
Mohammed Hafiz, CEO of fashion and lifestyle retail group Al-Sawani
More than $100 billion is being spent on art insurance globally.
Anthony Osborn of AXA Art


And that's a wrap for Art for Tomorrow 2015! For us at QM, we've thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and are left inspired by how culture and creativity are essential to cities! 

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