Art Lessons for Government Schools (Grade 11 - 12 only)

Date:  Every week day

Time:  9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location:  Workshop room




Part of the MIA Education

In accordance with the Ministry of Education curriculum for Government Schools, the following workshops are offered for Grade 11 & 12 only.

Illumination and Islamic Decoration

Illumination and decoration are part of the Islamic arts.  In this workshop students will learn the basics of decoration and Arabesque by exploring MIA manuscripts.  They will also learn about the steps of making manuscripts from different materials.

Islamic Geometry

Muslim artists developed Islamic geometry, which had many decorative shapes, during the Islamic era and later. In this workshop students will visit the museum to see some objects that have Islamic designs and will be introduced to different patterns, then they will draw their own Islamic geometric design.

Iznik Tiles

MIA contains an impressive and rare collection of Iznik tiles that inspire all museum visitors. In this workshop, the student will learn about the design aspects of these objects and their production methods. This workshop will help students to produce a design for a tile and to implement it on plaster and then colour it using colours inspired by Iznik tiles from Turkey. 

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