The Path Towards the Island

Shaikha Al Zeyarra

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Book cover of The Path Towards the Island by Shaikha al Zeyara

Youssef and Moza are exploring the desert, trying to find a way to a secret island. But Youssef runs into trouble, and the animals of the Qatari desert must band together to try to save him. This whimsically illustrated children’s book features the incredible array of Qatar’s native animals, and many of the beautiful creatures in this book can be seen in the Natural History Gallery of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ).

Written by Shaikha Al Zeyara, a Qatari author, and illustrated by Canadian artist Charlene Kasdorf.

Language English/Arabic
Publication date 2019
ISBN English Edition 978-9927-108-43-3
Arabic Edition 985-6658-884-55-78

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