Night time view of Fire Station with illuminated artwork and visitors

Fire Station: Artist in Residence

Fire Station is a colourful, spirited and dynamic arts centre that presents public exhibitions of work by resident artists each June.

Artist in Residence

Fire Station: Artist in Residence is a nine-month programme available to artists who live in Qatar. Selected artists are offered studio space alongside fellow creatives and are invited to meet with curators and attend exhibitions and lectures. They benefit from weekly mentoring sessions and enjoy networking with arts professionals from all over the world, representing Qatar in the international cultural community.

More about the Residency
A neon sign artwork for the Qatari artist Ghada Al Khater displays on the Fire Station Museum Façade to commemorate 1 year of the blockade

A piece on the outer façade at Fire Station: Artist in Residence by Ghada Al Khater, a Qatari political ARToonist

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