Four archaeologists excavating the remains of Al Shamali houses

Cultural Heritage Education

Our programmes provide students, teachers and families with the opportunity to visit heritage sites and experience the work of archaeologists.

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Discover our cultural heritage through personal engagement by choosing an activity that suits your interests. Our educators can also bring one of a variety of tailor-made workshops to your classroom or organisation.

Through these education programmes, our aim is to spread awareness about archaeology throughout the community.

One of our tasks is to educate future generations about the history and archaeological sites in Qatar, from the prehistoric to the Islamic era.

Faisal Al Naimi, Director of Archaeology, Qatar Museums

Workshops include pottery restoration, tool-making, excavation and field surveys that teach participants how to excavate and record findings accurately. Beyond this, we organise frequent field trips to heritage sites and also hold lectures on different aspects of the discipline.

Our Cultural Heritage Education team will help you determine the programme that's right for your students or group.

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