Orientalist Museum Internship

The purpose of the Orientalist Museum team is to conceive, develop, install and – in the future – operate a museum that aims to further the understanding of cross-cultural encounters, exchanges and influences.

Please note: The start date of this internship is flexible based on the availability of the candidate and the requirements of the department.

Period of Internship: 3 months
Location: Various

About This Internship

The intern will assist in the conceptualisation, administration and research of the Al Jazeera exhibition, with training in other aspects of museology related to the Orientalist Museum.

Specialist area: Museum and Culture Studies/ Media/ International relations
Qualification Required: University/College Student

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Building stakeholder relations

The intern will assist with:

  • Orientation, stakeholder familiarisation, team shadowing, site visits and conceptualisation
  • Benchmarking, background research (including literature review), network mapping, and administrative support
  • Archival research, stakeholder meetings, conceptual design development, project management and planning
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