Cultural Heritage Advances in the Digital Era

Date: 7 October
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: MIA Auditorium

Part of the MIA Education

Discussion Panel / Workshop

Cultural Heritage is an important history transfer medium for the nations. Efforts are more and more dedicated to developing new technologies and processes to preserve such highly valuable assets for the longer term. This workshop focusses on the preservation of cultural heritage using digital technologies and brings together panellists and experts from the Qatar cultural heritage and higher education sectors.

The workshop will cover two themes: the preservation and exploitation of digitized museum objects focusing on their acquisition, visualization and virtual interaction using advanced Imaging and Artificial Intelligence technologies; and the analysis and restoration of historical manuscripts and their content management in digital platforms/libraries as well as the exploitation of their information. This workshop represents the collaboration between Qatar University, the Museum of Islamic Art, Brunel University as part of a QNRF funded project.

This panel will have restricted seating and will observe social distancing and other important safety measures. It will also be live streamed - when booking, please let us know you want to watch online and we will send your log in to your email.